Halo Week 2

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My workouts this week have been very effective. As I said last week I changed from a 6 day split to a 4 day split. In this training method you only hit each muscle group once a week so they have a week to recover. It does mean that you really meed to hit each session with purpose and really fatigue each group – the principle being,  if you are going to have a week to recover you should earn it – my words.


Current split
  1. Chest/Biceps
  2. Back
  3. Shoulders/Triceps
  4. Legs
I also do a bit of core & cardio each day, mostly during my training sessions.


I don’t feel as drained as last week, feel sore but I don’t feel as fried. Which is great. Feeling accomplished = awesome… feeling overwhelmed and exhausted – not a good way to end a week. I also don’t feel like I was particularly strong this week, but I very effectively fatigued each muscle group with only one workout each. Which is the whole point of this type of training. I’m feeling that the Halo is helping each rep/set be more focused and powerful. Some exercises I have had to go down in the weight but the correct muscle groups are firing so even though the weight is less the exercise is more effective.


I have started some core and posture work which I have been doing a lot of during the 20mins of HaloNeuro priming time. The guys at Halo say you should be warming up in those 20mins, however I’m finding, that if I do anything with too much movement in those 20mins I get the “poor contact” warnings, this ends up really stretching out that time, so I try to minimise major movement at that time. I have had one morning where the 20mins of Neuro Priming was perfect with no delays, one morning out of 10. So there is obviously a lack I have to get down, and it probably has something to do with how wet you get the sensors.


My plan is to use this week and next week as a base with weights and reps data, then results will follow from there. I am tracking every rep, set and weight, along with extra data like hours of sleep, if I had caffeine, Modafinil and how I’m eating. 3 Weeks ago I started using a much more detailed tracking spreadsheet for my workouts, which always makes me excited because I’m a geek. I am also using these couple of weeks to focus on form, not just moving the weight from A to B so that is helping with the overall outcome of my training. My food was about 80% tracked this week… I’m looking to get more on top of that because that data is important in terms of training output and abilities.

20170502_084224 2


For any concerns you may have, I am being closely monitored and guided by my coach and friend Aleksa Milosevic. We are both into bio hacking, and being able to be both mentally and physically ready for anything. I’ve also had good chats with my doctor, who is always excited with this sort of stuff, but of course also wants to make sure I take good care of myself.


This was our initial thoughts on the Halo after our first session using it. For more information on the Halo Sport, head to their website. 

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