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I can learn something from everyone and I will always be learning…

November 14th, 2017 Posted by Journey, Lightbulb Moments No Comment yet
One of the strongest held beliefs I have is that we are all equal, I can learn something from everyone and I will always be learning. The following story is how this belief got so ingrained in me and no matter what happens, I am always learning from everyone no matter how much it can make my brain hurt sometimes. 😃
I was 16, I was going through yet another set of end of year school exams that I didn’t think were important because I really didn’t care much about school. We were having dinner with a family friend who was also a mentor of mine and he heard me bragging about how little I was doing in preparation for the exams because they didn’t matter. I was also saying it didn’t matter because I’d get about 70% without doing much anyway because they were stupid. I think I saw the steam coming out of his ears but when he spoke he was very calm for the first two minutes… he asked why I wouldn’t give my best at every exam, because if I got 70% without studying what could I achieve if I did some work. When I argued my same points back about not caring and that school didn’t matter he started getting more pissed off. He said you should treat everything you do like it matters, he said I should care about everything I do and give my best to everything I try.
This erupted into an argument about what matters and doesn’t matter in life, which boiled down to, in his eyes and words, me being a lazy spoilt brat who he knew could achieve great things if I got my thumb out my ass and actually did something with the amazing opportunities I had given to me. At this point I was crying, my parents didn’t know what to do, they thought he was probably right but shouldn’t make me cry. It was a bit of a mess. Until he calmed right back down wiped my tears away, looked me straight in the eyes and said “Shanti, do you know the difference between a 16-year-old and a 60-year-old? At 16 you don’t know what you don’t know. At 60 you know what you don’t know.”
I would love to be able to tell you that this made me feel a great lightning bolt and I changed everything in my life overnight, but I can’t say that. I can say that it made me think, I stopped crying and said sorry for being a “know it all young” person. I also studied a little more for those exams and did get about 80%. The words “At 16 you don’t know what you don’t know. At 60 you know what you don’t know” were now stuck in my brain for life. In my 16-year-old brain, they meant “I don’t know anything yet, I have a lot to learn, stop acting like a spoilt brat.”
My 28-year-old brain has now adapted this over time and included my belief that everyone is equal. No person is less than or more than. I am not superior or inferior to anyone. Sure to some extent I have to respect titles and authority but individually we are all the same.
My attitude of “equality” and “I don’t know anything yet, I have a lot to learn” has quickly become “I can learn something from everyone.” This is how I approach life now, and it serves me well for many reasons.
  • I learn and absorb a lot from people all the time
  • I think this is one of the reasons I have been able to have a wide range of experiences
  • I always get excited when I meet new people and people from new (to me) cultures because I get to learn about a new person and another culture.
  • It allows me to approach life with an expansive mentality because there is no limit on learning, I will always be able to learn, grow and change.
Thank you, Viva… for being there when I was ready to accept and receive this amazing life rule.

Communication as a leader.

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My communication skills have always been my weakest link, my ability to get across how I truly think and feel without diminishing my feelings or blowing them out of proportion. While it’s not something I like to talk about I don’t feel like I can tell many people how I truly feel because I’ll say it the wrong way or I don’t even honestly know what that feeling is.


This has been my weakest point when leading a team. Communicating effectively to my team about what I believe, why I do what I do and how I do it is a daily battle for me. The next step is even harder, putting KPI’s, tasks and guidelines in place so that they know what they are doing, what is expected of them and where my boundaries are is something I’m continually working on.


Especially in a small business, where we are all a little family, we do care about each other on a personal level. Having to follow through on rewards is easy, I love that I want to give my team everything they could possibly want. Having to put in place expectations and boundaries and then follow through on them is the hardest thing.


Through all of these ups and downs being able to say what you truly think and feel is incredibly difficult for me, but then it’s not about me at all… is it. Which is a relief, I know that as long as I continue to believe in and work for cause that is greater than myself, it doesn’t matter if I say the wrong thing or communicate in the wrong way.


Of course that doesn’t mean don’t try, it means the opposite, it means that I can get the fuel and drive to try and try again because I get to serve a cause greater than myself.



It’s all about the long game.

September 12th, 2017 Posted by Journey, Lightbulb Moments No Comment yet
  • 2 years ago @skeevestevens & I got chipped, now we host “Chipping Parties.”
  • 5 years ago I started using and teaching other people how to use #fittech now we have a company called @superhumanology which is a tech support business for #wearables#lifetech & #fittech
  • 6 years ago we decided that our crazy fit each other so we got married

Of course there has been lots of other things done together and companies started, a lot of hard work and so much fun.
Skeeve always talked about long game, and I knew it was important but I never realised how important.
Just like a lot of amazing leaders Nikola Tesla put it well… the long game is awesome if you stay the course.


Who has some IPv4 they want to sell?

August 29th, 2017 Posted by IPv4 Broker, Journey 1 comment
What happens when you are a broker or something and you run out of product to sell? If you are a realestate agent you can do letter box drops or cold calls and just ask people, “hey, thought of selling your house?” Sounds time consuming but you might get there – clearly I’m not a real estate agent.


I am an IPv4 broker, and have been doing that for a few years now. I have always had address ranges to sell people. I am getting even more requests for ranges… that’s great! But I’m tapped… I’m all out of people who need to sell space.


How's it going-


I’m an IPv4 broker that needs IPv4 to sell to people who really need it. Some companies in India, China, Cambodia, Pakistan… the list goes on. More people are getting online, which means more people need IPv4 address space. This means I get more queries everyday from people who need address space.


Side step for non-techies, because IPv4 exhaustion is possibly one of the most boring topics I know about. The current IP addresses you use, that is IP version 4. As a world we all need to move to IP version 6. Most internet providers can already do this but there are a lot of costs of upgrading that us consumers don’t want to pay for. Because, why should we have to, the internet is their business, we just want to watch YouTube and Netflix without interruption… oh and do work and stuff of course… *cough*


IPv4 addresses get sold in pretty big blocks… so instead of just buying and selling one address at a time, I broker deals of blocks which are from 2048 to 65536 addresses at a time. So it really is like selling and buying an asset for your company, the only thing with this asset is, it’s one of those non-renuable ones. This means that the price will eventually get so high that it may be cheaper for people to implement the new way of doing things.


In summary, moving to the new way of doing things is expensive, so to buy some time, internet providers are purchasing more IPv4 addresses, and doing some other stuff that only boring geeks like me think are interesting like… ahahaha I would never bore you with that stuff.


This really means two things:
  1. Companies need to initiate all new network builds as dual stack networks from CPE to core.
    AKA – new systems need to be built with the new systems and hardware. Which for customers for the most part just means that your home router will need upgrade. Also, all the engineers who currently only know IPv4 need to skill up, though this is happening a lot already.
  2. Any old systems or equipment that aren’t dual stacked need to be replaced with compatible systems and hardware
    AKA – this is potentially going to be the most expensive step. It would be like upgrading all the road systems for a country all at once, yeah that is expensive and would hold up traffic for a long time. Some networks have some old points of failure that people don’t even want to touch. Half the time the people who actually know all the functions these devices control are no longer working for the organisation and no self respecting techy wants to admit they don’t know everything about the network they are managing.


I’m not a full time IPv4 broker so I’m not sitting around bored. However, I do have companies, people who want to purchase IPv4 address blocks. There are companies in India, China, Cambodia, Pakistan and more, that really need to expand their networks and get more people online. But I’m tapped out… I’m not the only IPv4 broker in the world, but I’m the only one based in the Asia-Pacific region. This region also has some of the highest demand, but can’t pay as much as some of the US companies. Of course I’m not surprised that the countries that need resources are the least likely to be able to afford them. Except for China, obviously, I have seen some companies in China paying a lot of money per IP.


At the end of the day the decline of IPv4 was and is a known problem, there are plenty of companies doing a lot about awareness and trying to make sure the resources go where they are needed in the world. My biggest issue is that I need more blocks of IP’s to sell to my clients who need them.


The problems with this are:
  1. Its not like physical realestate, I can’t physically go and ask random people if they want to sell IPv4. I need to tell everyone in the Asia-Pacific region who has unused IPv4, that they can sell these blocks and that I have people who want to purchase the IPv4 blocks.
  2. There are quite a few rules around IPv4 broker advertising, even if they mean well. Which means, even though there are forums for buying and selling IPv4, brokers aren’t really allowed to post.
  3. I basically have to wait for the people who need to sell IPv4 to contact me – which is very slow and inefficient.


In summary… I need more people who have IPv4 they want to sell, and overall we need to move to IPv6 because IPv4 will just eventually be too expensive.
However, for right now I really need a way to talk to more people who have excess IPv4, it’s just not as simple as it sounds.


Learning from a Judge and a Red Light

May 30th, 2017 Posted by Journey, Lightbulb Moments No Comment yet
I realise this blog is a little out of the ordinary for me, but I do believe that we can have lightbulb moments in the most unlikely of places. This day created such a lightbulb moment for me I have a new found respect and understanding of our court system, it was definitely worth the half a day.
In late Feb I was riding my scooter and I triggered a red light camera but I had actually stopped and I wasn’t going to go through the intersection. When I got the fine in the mail I went online and put in my appeal to get the fine reversed. However, the SDRO couldn’t do it. So we decided to appeal it in court. I am really happy that I did because I learnt so much.
Why go to court? Yes it’s $433, which is a lot less than Skeeve’s and my hourly rate together, in this case it wasn’t really about the money.  I had never been to court for anything before (aside from school excursions). So Skeeve said “there is no harm let’s give it a go, this is a great learning opportunity.” A great learning opportunity it was indeed, I really do have a newly found respect and understanding of the court system. In all honesty I didn’t think I really cared about my driving record until I realised it was totally clean after 9 years of driving and riding, I’d love my record to stay clean as long as possible.
When I walked into the court room I saw the Judge at the head back centre, she seemed to be in a good mood. Then in front of her were two clerks. One that didn’t leave her desk the whole time I was there and one guy who I was told was the the administration clerk, he did a lot of running around, co-ordination and handling of the tonne of paperwork.
I watched the judge handle about 15 cases before me, she seemed really fair, I don’t know why I was so shocked, judges are supposed to be fair. I have just watched too many movies and law shows. Very often, based on a driver’s history and the offence she would use her “discretion under section 10” to wave the fine and points.
The way my case got handled, I had to get up behind the mic two times, the first time was to plead “not guilty” and to ask to get a date to have my case heard. At that point the judge suggested I go to see one of the Duty Officers, that meaning there were two lawyers upstairs just sitting there waiting to answer people’s questions, for free. The Judge said I should go and see them before saying that I was not guilty because that is a lot harder than “pleading guilty with an excuse.” I ended up doing both which meant, I went to the next room and asked for a date for my “not guilty” case. Then, Skeeve and I went upstairs to double check with the Lawyers on Duty, in reality we were talking to two lawyers for 15mins, each of these lawyers would have been easily $500ph. This totally amazed me, I know that lawyers do pro-bono work but they were literally sitting there all day ready to help anyone who was going to be in court that day.
The lawyers upstairs really helped us because we went through my case and they helped us realise that I actually needed to go for the option of “pleading guilty with an excuse.” Even though I had set up the new date, it was totally fine, I went back to the second room, changed my plea and removed the previous date change. We then went back into the first room and said that I would now be changing my plea to guilty. Even better, the judge was happy to sort it out on the same day… after all of that. I was so shocked and humbled at this point, by the time I got up to see the judge again I was feeling like I deserved to pay the fine just to have this experience.
When it was my turn to get up and give my excuse, the Judge got my case paperwork, she read through it very carefully then said “well you don’t need to say much your driving record speaks for itself.” That’s my cue so say as little as possible. So I explained that I had obviously stopped on my bike but I triggered the red light camera because I rolled over the line that was the start of the intersection. The Judge wanted to know why motorbikes needed to be at the front of the intersection, which I tried to explain in as little words as possible, that it is about safety etc. After 60 seconds of banter the Judge said I was a “marvellous driver” and that “we need more people like you on the roads.” The Judge used her discretion under section 10 to remove the penalty and the points, which means my license is still clean. With a warning that this only happens once every 10 years so I need to stick to the road rules. I said “Thank you Your Honour” and left.
Lessons I learnt from the Judge:
  • Be controlled and fair. Clearly it’s not good form for a Judge to get angry or flustered, this Judge nailed that code of conduct like she was born for the role.
  • Follow the process. There is a process for everything that happens in a court, they might be boring but they are there for a reason.
  • Not everyone knows what you know. The Judge was always happy to explain to any defendant things that were important or for their benefit. She never once assumed that we knew something or should have known something.
  • Being fair, doesn’t mean being a push over. The Judge was really fair all day, sometimes a case required enforcement and sometimes it needed leniency, she knew exactly what to do, the whole time. When the Judge needed to enforce the penalty she was kind and firm about it, when she was using her discretion under section 10 she was kind but she did want to know that you didn’t intend to just continue breaking the rules, you needed to know what you had done wrong and say you don’t intend to keep doing it.
  • Don’t loose your cool, ever. The poor Judge had to hear people talk when they didn’t need to, had to say the same thing over and over again and she was hearing about driving issues almost all day. I don’t know how she stayed so focused and calm all day.
  • Show respect. Everyone has titles, you need to use them. When you walk into or out of the court room you are supposed to give a small bow in sign of respect to The Commonwealth.
  • Stay on top of admin. From what I could see, about 40% of the Judge’s day was admin and specific case files, names and dates etc. All of this did seem to help though, the Judge always had the right paperwork and was always doing exactly what needed to be done, no more, no less.

Using The HaloSport: Week 3

May 14th, 2017 Posted by FitTech, Journey No Comment yet
This week has been a really good week for my training, I’ve had two really good active recovery sessions, and four great workouts, the workouts have been focused and efficient.


This week on Tuesday and Wednesday I had early morning starts so I had to get up even earlier to fit in my workout. Normally I would have just slept and made up for the workouts later in the week. But because I’m trying to keep these weeks consistent for the data I’m collecting I had more motivation to get up and get the workouts done.
Hao preworkout
I have noticed that my form and muscle activation is getting a lot better, I am consistently activating the right muscles in the first set of my workout, even though I’m training first thing in the morning. All of my four workouts have been focused and achieved the muscle fatigue that was needed. Again, my back session was good, two weeks in a row with a good back workout is amazing for me. I’ve been splitting muscle groups for 5 months prior to using the Halo, back has always been the hardest because it feels so much harder to activate the right muscles. Now, I’m finding it so much easier to activate the right muscles within my back and make sure my traps aren’t being overactive. My traps, what I call my everyday stress muscles, are always overactive because I sit and am usually more stressed than I need to be during my day. So I have previously had to stop back and shoulder workouts because I just couldn’t relax my traps and focus on the right muscle groups. In comparison, my last couple of weeks have been a dream.


I have also noticed that when I used the Halo with my active recovery session that they were a lot more efficient, I was able to activate my core and stretch a lot better. I’ve learnt from a lot of my own pain that when I don’t have these sessions the rest of my body hurts a lot more. My inner core muscle activation is really important to support all the sitting I do.
20170510 - Halo in Recovery
The last couple of weeks I’ve been seeing articles with more and more sports teams using the Halo… even one of our teams has said they are using and loving it. (The Australian – Roos use brain wear) It’s great to see athletes using this kind of technology to help get the best out of their bodies… helping your brain do what it does better. Unlocking your own true potential, its absolutely amazing.


I also made a video about why I started using the HaloShanti Facebook Live – Why I use the HaloSport.

In summary, I’m not an athlete, it’s not even my job to be fit, strong or look a certain way, I am doing it because I’m a biohacker and I want to get the most out of my body. I am using the HaloSport because it’s not my job to be fit, strong or look a certain way, so, I want my time in the gym to be efficient and regular. I get a lot out of going to the gym, the physical benefits are great but for me it is crucial to mental health, stress and energy management, it is also my alone time, I could go on. So I do love that time, but when you have to spend 6-10 hours in the gym it is the first thing to get compromised. When all I need is 4 really good workouts, it is hard to “put that off” or say “I just don’t have time.”

I’m a entrepreneur, speaker, biohacker, mentor, budding author, wife, friend etc etc… I need my time to be spent efficiently.

Halo Week 2

May 7th, 2017 Posted by FitTech, Journey No Comment yet
My workouts this week have been very effective. As I said last week I changed from a 6 day split to a 4 day split. In this training method you only hit each muscle group once a week so they have a week to recover. It does mean that you really meed to hit each session with purpose and really fatigue each group – the principle being,  if you are going to have a week to recover you should earn it – my words.


Current split
  1. Chest/Biceps
  2. Back
  3. Shoulders/Triceps
  4. Legs
I also do a bit of core & cardio each day, mostly during my training sessions.


I don’t feel as drained as last week, feel sore but I don’t feel as fried. Which is great. Feeling accomplished = awesome… feeling overwhelmed and exhausted – not a good way to end a week. I also don’t feel like I was particularly strong this week, but I very effectively fatigued each muscle group with only one workout each. Which is the whole point of this type of training. I’m feeling that the Halo is helping each rep/set be more focused and powerful. Some exercises I have had to go down in the weight but the correct muscle groups are firing so even though the weight is less the exercise is more effective.


I have started some core and posture work which I have been doing a lot of during the 20mins of HaloNeuro priming time. The guys at Halo say you should be warming up in those 20mins, however I’m finding, that if I do anything with too much movement in those 20mins I get the “poor contact” warnings, this ends up really stretching out that time, so I try to minimise major movement at that time. I have had one morning where the 20mins of Neuro Priming was perfect with no delays, one morning out of 10. So there is obviously a lack I have to get down, and it probably has something to do with how wet you get the sensors.


My plan is to use this week and next week as a base with weights and reps data, then results will follow from there. I am tracking every rep, set and weight, along with extra data like hours of sleep, if I had caffeine, Modafinil and how I’m eating. 3 Weeks ago I started using a much more detailed tracking spreadsheet for my workouts, which always makes me excited because I’m a geek. I am also using these couple of weeks to focus on form, not just moving the weight from A to B so that is helping with the overall outcome of my training. My food was about 80% tracked this week… I’m looking to get more on top of that because that data is important in terms of training output and abilities.

20170502_084224 2


For any concerns you may have, I am being closely monitored and guided by my coach and friend Aleksa Milosevic. We are both into bio hacking, and being able to be both mentally and physically ready for anything. I’ve also had good chats with my doctor, who is always excited with this sort of stuff, but of course also wants to make sure I take good care of myself.


This was our initial thoughts on the Halo after our first session using it. For more information on the Halo Sport, head to their website. 

Authenticity isn’t pretty… it’s real.

March 8th, 2017 Posted by Journey 1 comment
These days a lot of people talk about authenticity… it’s a very hot topic. Anyone I talk to in business talks about being “authentic” but what people don’t think about is, authenticity isn’t pretty. Its not even just about being honest once you have ironed out your scrambled thoughts to present them to the world.
To me authenticity is kind of like this photo, it represents the days that don’t go at all like they were supposed to. Right now we had planned to be knee deep in gym design and building at our new fitness/fit tech facility in the city. We were supposed to be doing much cooler stuff than sorting out some silly tech issues.
As it happens we are still in our office at 4pm fixing our web servers, sorting out a WordPress issue and we are about to look into some cool equipment for the gym… the “cool equipment” conversation was meant to happen at 10am.
However, sometimes urgent things come up. Like when you web servers crash at the same time as one client is calling for a meeting another client is calling to have a chat about an upcoming project, staff need questions answered and you have only just got to eat lunch at 3pm.
The irony is, Skeeve and I are Futurists and we work with and research a lot of high tech devices and systems. Vit is a fitness professional turned entrepreneur and we all have multiple businesses and projects running, but something like our websites or WordPress or staff on the other side of the world can cause a whole day to be derailed.
Of course we have people who can fix some of this sort of stuff for us, but sometimes, like today, we have to do some of these things ourselves and we will still have to go to the gym and get into the building of things… which means another late night.
So no… this isn’t pretty, it’s not glamorous, but its the reality of running your own business. This isn’t me complaining, this is me just being real. Yesterday was an amazing day, we went and saw Simon Sinek, who I would sit and listen to for a week. Today, is also an amazing day, I get to do life and business with people I love for a cause I love, I get to empower people to do really cool stuff everyday, some days just “look” better than others.
I know days like today would frustrate a lot of people… and I understand that, normally I would be losing my mind right now. Today I’m choosing to be happy regardless.

Entering the Telstra Business Women’s Awards

June 20th, 2016 Posted by Awards, Journey No Comment yet

So, mid May, someone nominated me for the Telstra Business Women’s Awards (I still don’t know who)… an award I never would have thought to enter myself in. I looked at some of the previous finalists and winners and immediately thought, “who was this crazy person, I can’t be in that club, these women are amazing and I’m just me. I haven’t done anything.”

However, I also thought, “get over your silly self doubt and do the entry…” hours and hours and many emotions later I got my submission in on time. It was one of the hardest award application processes I have been through. It also forced me to stop and analyse everything about who I am, why I do what I do and actually what I have achieved over the last 5 years. The process also asks for referrals from mentors, colleagues and staff… so you have to be honest and open about yourself, and you have to ask other people in your life, people you love and respect, to do the same.

The length and breadth of the questions has lead me down such an interesting path, to the point now where I realise that I have actually been able to accomplish a lot of amazing things over the last 5 years. I am actually making an impact. I am helping people and helping them to make changes in their individual lives. 

I also realised just how much I would not have been able to do without awesome people in my life. I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am today without my husband and business partner Skeeve Stevens. I couldn’t have done any of this without my awesome team of staff, or the amazing group of people and mentors I have in my life who have pushed me and forced me out of my comfort zone.

Often in my daily life I get caught up in my head about all the mistakes I make or anything I could have or should have done better. This process forces you to think on the larger scale, and objectively look over the last 5 years of your life and acknowledge changes that you have made and own them.

I understand that this is a business award, maybe it isn’t supposed to bring so much emotion, but the truth is, for Skeeve and I, we put our heart into all my businesses, each business is just a different expression of who we are and our interests and varying expertise. All our business at their hearts empower people by intersecting technology and lightbulb moments and enabling them to grow and change. Wether this is helping a large company stay ahead of the times, a small service provider business diversify it’s offering it’s client’s by empowering them with an elastic ISP core, or provide an NGO with a good quality space to train their staff and clients in Cambodia.

After going through this process I can honestly say I am so proud of what we have done together over the last 5 years and I am really excited to see what the next 5 years brings. It’s funny how this deadline forced me out of my motivational slump and into a turbocharged person who excited to keep going and making more of an impact.

So regardless of how the award process actually goes I’m so happy that I completed the entry and I’m excited for next year when I can recommend other women for the same award.