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Using the HaloSport: Week 5

May 29th, 2017 Posted by BioHacker, FitTech No Comment yet
I was struggling to focus this week, my body was going through all the motions but I was fairly tired after a big weekend of work at the Faqtory and filming with The Today Show on Monday morning so I was finding it difficult to get back into the groove of things when I started my workout week on Tuesday. All this considered, I was still going well in terms of process and activation of muscle groups. I also added in a couple of new exercises that I had picked up in my research.
Looking back on my results this week, I’m actually doing really well. Next week I go back to 15 reps so that I can make an accurate comparison and I should have some real data to update you with. Though, regardless of weight increases, I know that I am activating and fatiguing the right muscle groups faster than ever so I’m really happy with that.
For example, I used to get really stuck with anything to do with shoulders and back because I’ve never really done this kind of training before. So, lateral raises, rear delt flyes, single arm rows, lat pull downs etc, have proven to be really tricky for me. My traps have always been overactive and I would fatigue my forearms before I can finish my back workout.
With my increased ability to activate the specific muscle groups I can only assume that the Halo Sport is really helping me/my muscles to learn these new (to me) targeted exercises. When I first started learning these movements I was all about just getting the weight from A to B… I found the really specified exercises really hard because I had to decrease the weight so much to get them right. Brutal honesty time, my ego was hurt pretty bad in my initial workouts with Alex before it sunk in that it is not about how much weight you move it’s about fatiguing the right muscle groups without injury.


During the week I came up with a new analogy, I feel like the karate kid just needed the Halo Sport… then he wouldn’t have had to paint Mr Miyagi’s whole fence or waxed his car 100 times. He would have learnt how to do the movements that Mr Miyagi’s was trying to teach him in a fraction of the time. Of course we all have the ability to learn and grow our muscle memory, however, if I can increase my ability to learn these new movements my workouts will be a lot more efficient.


I was giving myself a bit of a hard time this week, because I really wasn’t ‘into’ my workouts. Turns out I was just getting sick, I got so sick I had to skip leg day this week. Normally when I get the flu I do prefer to push myself through, keep moving etc. This flu has been a bit different, I had really bad joint pain, fever and dizziness… so my leg workout just wasn’t going to happen. Which is sad because leg day is my favourite day of the week.
So in summary:
  • The Halo Sport seems to be very helpful in my learning of new targeted movements
  • Nothing fixes a bad flu like some quality rest

Also from this week, don’t forget… #MakeShantiPinkPrimers


Using the HaloSport: Week 4

May 22nd, 2017 Posted by BioHacker, FitTech No Comment yet

This has been another great training week, it has ended with me sore in the places I’m supposed to be but without any unnecessary aches. During my workouts this week I’ve gone from 15 reps to 10 reps and trying to focus on power and increasing the weights in each lift, having slow and steady eccentric with explosive concentric.

In my back session I finally found and activated my rear delts, which I have never been able to do before. When I did shoulders I was able to really fatigue them without activating traps or aggravating my scapular which has been an issue for me. My mum came and worked out with me when I was doing chest, so I wasn’t focused, so my chest session wasn’t awesome but I’m ok with that. Friday was leg day… and leg day happened with vengeance, my TVA / lower back was feeling a bit weak so I didn’t want to add extra weight. So it was all body weight exercises, then I did lunges the full length of my complex carpark. I have spent 1.5 hours doing a leg workout before this week I was totally done in 50 mins. Very efficient leg day, focused & with no back pain, during the session or the next day.


Before my leg workout I made a video which you can checkout here…

This week has been great, I’m really feeling the benifits of my workouts. I can really feel my legs and my shoulders. I’m already looking forward to next week’s workouts… I’m really curious at how this will progress, will there be a point where my brain gets exhausted and I feel the need to calm down on the stimulation, or will I be fine to just keep going?


In the last few days I’ve been talking about things I’m trying other than Halo FB Live link Blog Post: At the moment my pre-workout stack is: caffeine, Halo, Modafinil + pre-workout. This may sound like a lot but the only things that make this different to other pre-workouts are the Halo and Modafinil. At the moment this is working really well for me. Though, the biohacker in me isn’t completely satisfied with this, I want to know exactly what supplements I’m taking are making the most difference.


The answer to, “what is all this actually doing for me?” Is of course… a experiment. So the plan is to do a mini study/experiment on myself… its going to look a little something like this – (4-6 week phases with documented food etc) natural, no caffeine just BCAAs. The next cycle add Halo + caffeine, then, Halo + Modafinil, then, Halo + full pre-workout, and finally, everything together. The workouts will be standardised but variable enough that I can increase weights or take out the weight like I had to do this Friday etc. Initially, this will be to share from my own experiences and to see what all this is doing… if anything.

20170515 Sweaty Selfie

At the moment I’m gathering as much data as possible so that I know what data I really need to collect when this all gets more serious. I currently have a FitBit to measure daily activity and a special heart rate monitor for my workouts, with this tech I currently track heart rate, time, reps, weights, sleep quality and hours, food, mood and perceived levels of focus etc. Of course as I get more tech I’ll be adding it to this mix, soon to be in are the Athos & Hexoskin to monitor muscle exertion and activation.


In summary, after using the HaloSport for a month I can say I’m really liking my results so far. I’m really looking forward to seeing how I go over the next four weeks.
20170516_084454 2

Nootropics and Training

May 14th, 2017 Posted by BioHacker, FitTech No Comment yet

Why would I use a “brain stimulant” to help enhance physical training? Well, if you have ever had an early morning or 3pm PT or bootcamp session you have probably also used a nootropic… have you ever had a coffee to give you a bit of “pep” for exercise or something physical you needed to do? Well, you are actually also using a nootropic. Caffeine is a stimulant that increases the levels of energy and happy chemicals in the brain. 


Having more energy for an exercise session is great, but there is also one other important thing that can get overlooked sometimes. That is the brain’s ability to connect to the body and different muscle groups which is crucial for quality training. My goal is always efficiency, I do enjoy training, I like being strong and learning physical things. But, I don’t want to spend 6-10 hours in the gym in a week, I also don’t want to cause my body excessive injury or stress because I have a life… I’m not a fitness professional, my various roles within my companies require my brain and energy.


Introducing nootropics and technology that can help you get that mind to muscle connection happening faster sounds to me like a really smart/effient move to make. So that’s exactly what I do, at different times I have used caffeine or modafinil or simple carbohydrates etc pre-workout to increase energy and ability to focus. Now I’m stepping it up to a whole new level, my goal is to maximise efficiency, so I give everything I have in my workouts because I only have four a week. I am now taking caffeine, modafinil and using the HaloSport pre-workout, to increase my energy, focus, increase the mind to muscle connection and ability to completely fatigue each muscle group.

Halo preworkoutmodafinil

I’ve just completed week three of training like this and it is going really well for me. I’m very focused in my workouts, I’m able to switch in and out of workout mode quickly and my muscles are fatiguing effectively and efficiently. I’m not totally exhausted by the end of the week but I know that I have done some hard work.


I will be researching and writing more on the topic of nootropics, for now I’m wanting to know more about the importance of mind to muscle connection for myself and my training.

Things I know so far:

  • I have better workouts when I can focus and switch in and out of workout mode faster
  • When I take a systemised approach to anything I get better results
  • Having a highly focused brain makes my workouts more efficient
  • Helping my brain wake up faster means I’m able to train hard and smart even in the early morning
  • When I put a lot of effort in pre-workout I have to do my workout and I have to give it my all

Using The HaloSport: Week 3

May 14th, 2017 Posted by FitTech, Journey No Comment yet
This week has been a really good week for my training, I’ve had two really good active recovery sessions, and four great workouts, the workouts have been focused and efficient.


This week on Tuesday and Wednesday I had early morning starts so I had to get up even earlier to fit in my workout. Normally I would have just slept and made up for the workouts later in the week. But because I’m trying to keep these weeks consistent for the data I’m collecting I had more motivation to get up and get the workouts done.
Hao preworkout
I have noticed that my form and muscle activation is getting a lot better, I am consistently activating the right muscles in the first set of my workout, even though I’m training first thing in the morning. All of my four workouts have been focused and achieved the muscle fatigue that was needed. Again, my back session was good, two weeks in a row with a good back workout is amazing for me. I’ve been splitting muscle groups for 5 months prior to using the Halo, back has always been the hardest because it feels so much harder to activate the right muscles. Now, I’m finding it so much easier to activate the right muscles within my back and make sure my traps aren’t being overactive. My traps, what I call my everyday stress muscles, are always overactive because I sit and am usually more stressed than I need to be during my day. So I have previously had to stop back and shoulder workouts because I just couldn’t relax my traps and focus on the right muscle groups. In comparison, my last couple of weeks have been a dream.


I have also noticed that when I used the Halo with my active recovery session that they were a lot more efficient, I was able to activate my core and stretch a lot better. I’ve learnt from a lot of my own pain that when I don’t have these sessions the rest of my body hurts a lot more. My inner core muscle activation is really important to support all the sitting I do.
20170510 - Halo in Recovery
The last couple of weeks I’ve been seeing articles with more and more sports teams using the Halo… even one of our teams has said they are using and loving it. (The Australian – Roos use brain wear) It’s great to see athletes using this kind of technology to help get the best out of their bodies… helping your brain do what it does better. Unlocking your own true potential, its absolutely amazing.


I also made a video about why I started using the HaloShanti Facebook Live – Why I use the HaloSport.

In summary, I’m not an athlete, it’s not even my job to be fit, strong or look a certain way, I am doing it because I’m a biohacker and I want to get the most out of my body. I am using the HaloSport because it’s not my job to be fit, strong or look a certain way, so, I want my time in the gym to be efficient and regular. I get a lot out of going to the gym, the physical benefits are great but for me it is crucial to mental health, stress and energy management, it is also my alone time, I could go on. So I do love that time, but when you have to spend 6-10 hours in the gym it is the first thing to get compromised. When all I need is 4 really good workouts, it is hard to “put that off” or say “I just don’t have time.”

I’m a entrepreneur, speaker, biohacker, mentor, budding author, wife, friend etc etc… I need my time to be spent efficiently.

Halo Week 2

May 7th, 2017 Posted by FitTech, Journey No Comment yet
My workouts this week have been very effective. As I said last week I changed from a 6 day split to a 4 day split. In this training method you only hit each muscle group once a week so they have a week to recover. It does mean that you really meed to hit each session with purpose and really fatigue each group – the principle being,  if you are going to have a week to recover you should earn it – my words.


Current split
  1. Chest/Biceps
  2. Back
  3. Shoulders/Triceps
  4. Legs
I also do a bit of core & cardio each day, mostly during my training sessions.


I don’t feel as drained as last week, feel sore but I don’t feel as fried. Which is great. Feeling accomplished = awesome… feeling overwhelmed and exhausted – not a good way to end a week. I also don’t feel like I was particularly strong this week, but I very effectively fatigued each muscle group with only one workout each. Which is the whole point of this type of training. I’m feeling that the Halo is helping each rep/set be more focused and powerful. Some exercises I have had to go down in the weight but the correct muscle groups are firing so even though the weight is less the exercise is more effective.


I have started some core and posture work which I have been doing a lot of during the 20mins of HaloNeuro priming time. The guys at Halo say you should be warming up in those 20mins, however I’m finding, that if I do anything with too much movement in those 20mins I get the “poor contact” warnings, this ends up really stretching out that time, so I try to minimise major movement at that time. I have had one morning where the 20mins of Neuro Priming was perfect with no delays, one morning out of 10. So there is obviously a lack I have to get down, and it probably has something to do with how wet you get the sensors.


My plan is to use this week and next week as a base with weights and reps data, then results will follow from there. I am tracking every rep, set and weight, along with extra data like hours of sleep, if I had caffeine, Modafinil and how I’m eating. 3 Weeks ago I started using a much more detailed tracking spreadsheet for my workouts, which always makes me excited because I’m a geek. I am also using these couple of weeks to focus on form, not just moving the weight from A to B so that is helping with the overall outcome of my training. My food was about 80% tracked this week… I’m looking to get more on top of that because that data is important in terms of training output and abilities.

20170502_084224 2


For any concerns you may have, I am being closely monitored and guided by my coach and friend Aleksa Milosevic. We are both into bio hacking, and being able to be both mentally and physically ready for anything. I’ve also had good chats with my doctor, who is always excited with this sort of stuff, but of course also wants to make sure I take good care of myself.


This was our initial thoughts on the Halo after our first session using it. For more information on the Halo Sport, head to their website. 

Training with Halo Neuroscience Headset Day 9

April 29th, 2017 Posted by FitTech No Comment yet
I’m now at the end of week 1.5 of using my Halo Neuroscience Headset for my workouts. I have done 6 workouts and 2 rest / mobility sessions using the headset this week.


This week has been one of my most generally active weeks in the last couple of months because I have also been working on the building of our new facility. On top of that I have had some of the best training sessions of my “training life.” Over these 6 sessions I did:
  1. Back + Biceps + Cardio
  2. Chest + Triceps + Abs + Cardio
  3. Shoulders + Legs + Cardio
  4. Back + Biceps + Cardio
  5. Shoulders + Triceps + Cardio
  6. Legs + Cardio


Just to clarify, I wasn’t expecting instant results from the Halo, I wasn’t expecting to feel a bolt of lighting followed by an insane growth in strength. I did think I would feel the electric current a little more, I thought it would be more like a TENS machine. What I got was somewhere in the middle, I did feel like I could focus on particular muscle groups more during my workouts. I was also able to activate muscles easier. Which meant that instead of instant strength I got fatigued faster than normal and actually had to go lighter on my weights but because the right muscles were activating in the first couple of reps. This just means that my sessions were better quality.


Normally it would take me one or two sets to really start feeling the right muscles activating, this week, using the Halo headset my workouts just cut straight to the point. I was also also to switch between thinking about work/life and my workout a lot faster, which is very beneficial for me. I couldn’t do more than 4 workouts in a row because my body was so fatigued.


This morning was my final workout for this week, it was legs. I got through about 3/4’s of my workout before I just couldn’t keep going. It’s not like I have been going very heavy this week but I have been doing more focus and higher reps. Today it felt like I just couldn’t keep focusing, like I had focus fatigue.


Maybe I should have just done some sprints today instead, maybe I needed to “push through” maybe the Halo is something you should cycle. Either way, I stopped when I felt like I couldn’t keep going because I had had enough for the week. I think my fatigue today was a combination of being very focused during my workouts in the week and the high level of physical activity in building our new R&D facility.


Next week I’ll be switching to a 4 day training split with 3 days of active recovery and mobility, so that I can keep up the quality of the workouts. Over the last 9 days I did 6 workouts, 3 rest days. Each of the workouts were focused and purposeful until today’s legs session. I’m thinking that 4 workouts at a higher intensity and effort will suit me training with the Halo a lot better.


  • Using the Halo really helped me get almost instant muscle activation
  • I will need to change from 5-6 workouts a week to 4 plus quality active recovery & mobility
  • I definitely feel like it’s possible to get focus fatigue, though I haven’t really felt it like this before

Just incase you want a little bit of background to the headset