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Training with Halo Neuroscience Headset Day 9

April 29th, 2017 Posted by FitTech No Comment yet
I’m now at the end of week 1.5 of using my Halo Neuroscience Headset for my workouts. I have done 6 workouts and 2 rest / mobility sessions using the headset this week.


This week has been one of my most generally active weeks in the last couple of months because I have also been working on the building of our new facility. On top of that I have had some of the best training sessions of my “training life.” Over these 6 sessions I did:
  1. Back + Biceps + Cardio
  2. Chest + Triceps + Abs + Cardio
  3. Shoulders + Legs + Cardio
  4. Back + Biceps + Cardio
  5. Shoulders + Triceps + Cardio
  6. Legs + Cardio


Just to clarify, I wasn’t expecting instant results from the Halo, I wasn’t expecting to feel a bolt of lighting followed by an insane growth in strength. I did think I would feel the electric current a little more, I thought it would be more like a TENS machine. What I got was somewhere in the middle, I did feel like I could focus on particular muscle groups more during my workouts. I was also able to activate muscles easier. Which meant that instead of instant strength I got fatigued faster than normal and actually had to go lighter on my weights but because the right muscles were activating in the first couple of reps. This just means that my sessions were better quality.


Normally it would take me one or two sets to really start feeling the right muscles activating, this week, using the Halo headset my workouts just cut straight to the point. I was also also to switch between thinking about work/life and my workout a lot faster, which is very beneficial for me. I couldn’t do more than 4 workouts in a row because my body was so fatigued.


This morning was my final workout for this week, it was legs. I got through about 3/4’s of my workout before I just couldn’t keep going. It’s not like I have been going very heavy this week but I have been doing more focus and higher reps. Today it felt like I just couldn’t keep focusing, like I had focus fatigue.


Maybe I should have just done some sprints today instead, maybe I needed to “push through” maybe the Halo is something you should cycle. Either way, I stopped when I felt like I couldn’t keep going because I had had enough for the week. I think my fatigue today was a combination of being very focused during my workouts in the week and the high level of physical activity in building our new R&D facility.


Next week I’ll be switching to a 4 day training split with 3 days of active recovery and mobility, so that I can keep up the quality of the workouts. Over the last 9 days I did 6 workouts, 3 rest days. Each of the workouts were focused and purposeful until today’s legs session. I’m thinking that 4 workouts at a higher intensity and effort will suit me training with the Halo a lot better.


  • Using the Halo really helped me get almost instant muscle activation
  • I will need to change from 5-6 workouts a week to 4 plus quality active recovery & mobility
  • I definitely feel like it’s possible to get focus fatigue, though I haven’t really felt it like this before

Just incase you want a little bit of background to the headset